Addressing Your Needs in Afghanistan

Working in Afghanistan provides many opportunities but is also fraught with challenges. As such it is vital that you have a competent, well respected and trusted Afghan partner. Hambastagi Consulting Group (HCG) is an Afghan owned and run consultancy firm established in 2010 by a group of highly dedicated and experienced professionals with many years of experience of working with international public administration (donors, UN agencies and non-governmental organizations), the Afghan government (MRRD, MoI, MoE), civil society and the private sector. HCG is a limited liability company (LLC) registered with the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) and incorporated in the city of Kabul. HCG has its main office in Share-e-Naw district of Kabul and currently directly employs 88 people.

Securing and Developing Your Investments

Investing in Afghanistan, whether through the private, non-governmental or institutional donor sectors, requires the right Afghan partner. HCG enables Afghan and international firms and organizations to invest in Afghanistan with relative peace of mind through our unrivalled ability to provide technical assistance, partnership building and demand driven services that promote an inclusive and pro-poor economic growth based on judicious investment and quality service delivery.

Establishing Your Baseline

Whatever your organizational needs in Afghanistan it will be imperative to understand as much about the situation on the ground as possible. HCG, through its unrivalled contacts across all governmental and social levels in Afghanistan, enables your organization to establish a solid operational baseline.




Developing Your Understanding

HCG provides quality and demand driven technical assistance and analytical services to the Afghan Government and Institutional Donors in areas such as institution building and policy, strategy and national program development. This helps HCG contribute to the delivery of good governance, security, rule of law and customer-oriented public services. HCG is well versed in designing, implementing and managing a wide variety of research related to the political, social and governance context of Afghanistan through conducting surveys, impact evaluations and feasibility studies across all sectors of the Afghan economy. Our western-educated Afghan experts provide local knowledge to international standards of delivery in the provision of business to our clients.